Winter Decorations Ideas for the Home

Winter Decorations Ideas for the Home

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It may only be the fall, but winter is just around the corner. Now is the time to get your decorations ready for the season. Whether you celebrate one of the winter religious festivals or not, here are some great winter decorations ideas for the home.

Oversized Snowflakes

You can hang some oversized snowflakes all around the home and they’re super easy to make. All you’ll need is some popsicle sticks, gold/silver spray, and some glue.

Start with the popsicles and piece them together in snowflake shape. Add a bit of glue to the edges to be able to stabilize the sticks. Place them on top of some newspaper or a cloth that you don’t mind getting ruined and then spray with your gold or silver.

Allow them to dry before you hang them up around the house.

Pinecones in a Jar

Spray a few pinecones in silver and place them in a clean, clear jar. You can use jars of different sizes and place them in different places around the home. Try one on your windowsill and another on the mantelpiece.

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You can also pick up some twigs from outside and spray them in silver. Place them in a glass vase like you would flowers for a winter decoration idea.

Snow Sleighing Banister

Why not turn your banister into a snow or ski slope? You just need a white rug that is cut to fit the shape and size of your banister. Then place little sliding penguins, teddy bears, and other small stuffed toys on the rug.

Make it look like some of the toys are successfully sleighing and others are falling down the hill. You can also place them along the top of your hallway or on the mantelpiece/windowsills to create the look if you can’t do it with the banister.

Birdseed Ornaments

This is a mixture of a fall and winter decoration idea for the home. Pull out some of your gingerbread cookie cutters, like gingerbread men and the Christmas trees.

Mix together some flour, gelatin, corn syrup and water together to create a paste and add the birdseed in. The paste helps to make the birdseed stick and stay in shape.

Pack the paste seed into the cookie cutters and then place on a piece of baking parchment paper. Place a straw into a strategic place in the cutter to keep a hole within your ornament for hanging later. Once dried, remove the cutters.

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Place some twine through the hole and hang up your birdseed ornaments outside. The birds will love their new present in your garden.

None of these decorations have to cost that much or take that long to make. Have some fun with the kids one rainy afternoon to get ready for the snowy season.

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