5 Wedding Favour Ideas for All Wedding Budgets

5 Wedding Favour Ideas for All Wedding Budgets

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Whether you have a small or big wedding budget, you’ll be looking for the perfect wedding favour ideas. It’s important to show your guests that you appreciate them coming to your wedding, without blowing your budget and making it hard to include other elements.

Your wedding favours offer an excellent way to add personality to your big day. You can also incorporate your theme effortlessly. Here’s a look at five wedding favours for all budget sizes. There’s bound to be something you love.

Opt for a Sugary Treat

Honestly one of the quickest and simplest ways to say thank you is by offering a sugary treated. Sugared almonds are often the most popular, but you may not know about any dietary requirements. Not everyone will think about telling you of a nut allergy! While you could risk it, sometimes it’s best to play it safe.

So, why not opt for a local delicacy, especially if you’re marrying into a different culture. Scottish weddings tend to include tablet as a wedding favour, while Hershey’s Kisses are popular for American weddings. By making something from your culture (or the one you’re marrying into), you’re making a point of including your new family into your big day.

You can buy small boxes or coloured cotton bags to pop in a couple of sugary treats.

Making your own is an excellent way to keep the costs down, if you’re able to. Or just using a couple per person will help to avoid overspending.

If you don’t have something from your culture, how about making some cake pops? You can create different flavours and add your wedding colours through food dye. Just one cake pop per person is enough to say thank you and they won’t have anything they need to take home (some guests don’t want the extra items, even if they’re small).

Hand Out Some Personalised Bubbles

How about some personalised bubbles? Well, the bubbles won’t be personalised but the tub that they’re in will be. These are fun, especially for the kids. If guests don’t want to take them home, they can blow the bubbles at your wedding!

There are companies that will do the personalisation for you. It’s possible to add your name, date of wedding, and other small details (like a thank you) on labels on the bottle. You can also create your own labels and buy cheap bottles of bubbles if you’re on a tight wedding budget.

Wedding Gown Bubble Bottles, pack of 24
The bottles are useful after the bubble liquid is all gone. They can be used to store little memories from the wedding day or other small items in the home.

Make Some Hot Chocolate Cones

Another idea is making your own hot chocolate cones. These are extremely simple. You get a plastic bag and fill it three quarters of the way full with some hot chocolate powder. Top it with a few bits of marshmallows and then tie off the bag with some ribbon in your wedding colours.

If you don’t fancy hot chocolate cones, you can use sherbet or other similar sugary treats. The cones are easy to carry around and just add a little extra thought to your thank you gift.

Don’t forget about a label on the ribbon with the date of your wedding and your think you note.

Wedding Favour Ideas for All Wedding Budgets

Buy Some Trinket Boxes

Did you know some of the original wedding favour ideas were trinket boxes? They were small items that guests could take home and use as they wish. If you have the wedding budget, you could buy some trinket boxes for your wedding guests.

Do something special with the trinket boxes by making them name places. Sit the boxes open with the name card leaning against the lid or slotted into the hinge. Just make it clear to your guests that they are available to take home with them after the day.

You can add some sweet treats into the trinket box if you’d like.

Get Personalised Key Rings or Bottle Openers

How about personalising some key rings or bottle openers? I know plenty of people who would adore personalised bottle openers, because they are extremely practical.  The key ring would just be added to a set of keys that your guests likely already have with them.

Our Wedding Memories Guest Gifts Beautiful Key Chains 12 Party Pack Set
Remember to keep the message short and sweet. This could be a gift for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other members of the wedding party if you don’t quite have the budget for your wedding favours.

These are just five wedding favour ideas to get you started. Now it’s time to run with them and find the perfect way to say thank you to your wedding guests.

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