Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Years 6-10

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Years 6-10

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When thinking about wedding anniversary gift ideas, you may be tempted to use the anniversary symbols for some inspiration. We’ve already looked at the first 5 years of marriage, sharing various anniversary gift ideas. But what about the next five years? What about gifts for those celebrating their 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, or 10th year of marriage?

Here’s a look at the symbols of the month and some ideas for anniversary gifts.

Year 6: Iron, Wood

We’ve got two symbols because there are traditional and modern symbols. Wood is the more modern anniversary symbol, which will definitely make gift buying much easier. You can opt for wooden ornaments, an item of furniture, or even small trinket box.

Iron gets a little trickier. There are a few ornamental or furniture ideas. How about a beautiful, personalised plate for decoration?

There are now metal statues, a little like the carved wooden ones. Make sure you get iron and not copper or steel!

Year 7: Wool/Copper, Desk Sets

If your spouse is a workaholic or loves stationary, year 7 of marriage will likely be the one you’re looking forward to the most. The modern anniversary symbol is desk sets! There are so many wedding anniversary gift ideas you can work with.

The problem is they’re not exactly romantic. While I love desk sets and stationary, I wouldn’t really want them as an anniversary present. Christmas and birthdays, sure. Wedding anniversary? Not so much.

So, let’s look at the traditional symbols. Wool and copper are your symbols. They do certainly open up your options. A woolly jumper or scarf instantly come to mind. Those metal statues mentioned above come in copper or you can get copper jewellery or hair pieces.

Mermaid Tail Blanket by Fansheng, Novelty Luxury Mermaid Tails Sleeping Bag Air Conditioning Blanket Cotton + wool + polyester Slumber Bag Knitting Pattern Cute Mermaid Gift (Multi-colour)

Year 8: Bronze/Pottery, Linen/Lace

Year 8 opens the gift ideas for anniversaries further. You have four different symbols to choose between.

If you’re sticking with the traditional symbols, you’ll want to look into bronze or pottery. There are some beautiful vases that you can buy on the likes of Etsy or eBay. But how about booking some pottery making classes? This is something you can do together as something fun and unique.

For those who want the modern symbols, you have linen or lace. I don’t think I have to give you any ideas for anniversary gifts here, right? If you do, I recommend Etsy again for your gift ideas.

Year 9: Pottery/Willow, Leather

Pottery pops up again for year 9. Chances are that there’s a crossover period or something with year 8. But if you opted for bronze for year 8 then opt for pottery this year.

Willow represents flexibility and nature. We all know that by year 9 you need flexibility with each other to succeed in marriage. This can be when secrets are held or when situations get tough. Look out for willow wood carvings and items from Etsy to show that you’re fluid and flexible.

Leather will make a quick and easy option for gift ideas for wedding anniversaries. Wallets, watches, jewellery, and more are available.

Wedding anniversary gift ideas for Years 6-10

Year 10: Tin/Aluminium, Diamond Jewellery

I’m going to suggest staying away from the modern symbol. Diamond itself is a symbol for a later anniversary and deserves to remain special. It’s the 60th year. Okay, so age may stop you reaching this stage, but it’s also the modern anniversary symbol for the 30th year. Maybe keep it for that?

But tin or aluminium can seem a little cheap, right? Well, there’s nothing wrong with buying a beautiful diamond necklace alongside something that represents the traditional wedding anniversary symbols. Maybe opt for an eternity ring, usually given around this stage of the marriage.

When it comes to aluminium, there are the metal ornaments. They tend to be made with cheaper metal to help keep the cost down and production up.

A small tin box could also work, great for keeping items in. This “man tin” made me chuckle if you have a guy who would like it.

Bright Side Man Tin
If you’re really struggling, why not a personalised storyboard? Okay, so it’s not quite following the symbols, unless you get an aluminium frame, but it will be special and mark this milestone anniversary. Pick a big moment from each year and include it in your 10-year storyboard.

Have these symbols helped you come up with the perfect wedding anniversary gift ideas? Don’t always think literally. Jump outside that square for gorgeous anniversary gifts.

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