Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: Years 11-15

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: Years 11-15

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After the first 10 years of marriage, it can feel like the anniversary gifts are getting stale. You seem to get the same things over and over again and you’re running out of ways to make your gifting fun.

Well, this could be the perfect time to look at the symbols. We’ve already looked at the first five years and then the second five years for wedding anniversary gift ideas. Now it’s time to look at years 11 to 15. Could they help offer some inspiration?

As a reminder, there are two symbols: traditional and modern. We’ll share both for these anniversary gift ideas.

Wedding anniversary gift ideas

Year 11: Steel or Fashion Jewellery

Steel is the traditional symbol for the 11th anniversary. There are plenty of ideas that you can use and you can cheat with stainless steel if you’d like.

There are some well crafted wine holders. We used to have one that was two mice carrying (what would end up being) a bottle of wine on their shoulders. Don’t forget about the bottle of wine to go with the gift!

If you want a more modern day approach, fashion jewellery is the way to go. The great thing about fashion jewellery is that it’s loud and often handcrafted. It’s the perfect way to bring out personality and style. Many people view fashion jewellery as cheap or tacky, but there are some beautiful vintage options available.

Of course, there’s always the option to make your own. Get a jewellery starter kit and have some fun.

Year 12: Silk/Linen or Pearls/Coloured Gems

Some years there isn’t just one option but two for each of the types of anniversary symbols. This opens the door wide for anniversary gift ideas.

Let’s start with the tradition of silk or linen. Yes, your first thought will be bed sheets. For men it might be underwear. They’re not always romantic, right? Etsy is perfect to get a few different ideas for wedding anniversary gifts. There are robes, scarves, flowers, and more!

Looking for the modern ideas? It’s all about the coloured gems and pearls. Yes, this means more jewellery for some but there are other ways to use coloured gems for wedding anniversary gifts. Why not opt for a beautiful diary with colourful gems on the front or spine? You could buy a photo frame with a gem or even make cupcakes/a cake with what looks like gems on the top.

Year 13: Lace or Textiles/Furs

For the traditional anniversary symbol gifts, it’s all about lace for the 13th year. Again, clothing is the first thing that many people will think about when it comes to the material.

Are there any other ideas? Of course! You could get artwork that involves lace. Get a journal that has lace decorations on the front or choose a photo frame that is covered with a lacy border.

Textiles and furs are the modern day symbols for anniversaries and can be used in similar ways. Of course, there’s also the option of a faux fur shawl or a furry rug for your living room. Create a cosy space to enjoy your anniversary night.

Year 14: Ivory or Gold Jewellery

Ivory is the tradition symbol for year 14, but it is a controversial material. Instead of using real ivory, opt for the faux options. You still get to include some of the symbolism without harming endangered animals.

There are all types of ivory gift ideas. Look out for necklaces, tea sets, and vases. If you don’t want faux ivory, opt for vintage ivory items that were made decades or centuries ago. You could even choose the ivory colour for your gift ideas to completely avoid the ivory material debate.

Gold jewellery is the modern day option and may be something you favour instead. Yes, this is specifically jewellery, but can include the likes of watches, chains, and signet rings.

Year 15: Crystal or Watches

Hopefully you didn’t get a watch in year 14! Year 15’s modern day symbol is all about watches. There are some beautiful designs around the world. Here are a few from Amazon just to get you started.

As for the traditional option, it’s crystal and this opens your world for wedding anniversary gift ideas. Vases, glasses, and ornaments are often the first considerations. Work with them to find something that’s perfect for your spouse.

12pcs/pack MengRan® Bling Bling 2-in-1 Slim Crystal Diamond Stylus pen and Ink Ballpoint Pens (12 colors )
If you want to step away from the obvious, how about a pen that is filled with crystals for a writer? Or you could opt for a photo frame decorated in crystals. Swarkovski is my favourite place for all things crystal.

Don’t struggle for wedding anniversary gift ideas. Use the anniversary symbols for some inspiration and you will get the perfect gift for your spouse.

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