Top 7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Top 7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day will be here before you know it. I’ve always found it hard to buy gifts for my dad. While I know he’d love a good Stephen King novel or enjoy a computer game, I’ve always wanted to do something a little different.

If you’re feeling the same way, you’ll definitely love these seven ideas. There is something for all interests, preferences, and styles.

A Gift for the Coffee Lovers

Let’s start with the dads who adore coffee. It doesn’t matter how it’s brewed (or maybe it does…) they just need their caffeine fix first thing on a morning.

I could offer a coffee mug, but I’m going to do something different. It’s time for a HyperChiller. This coffee press will make delicious iced-coffee in minutes. It doesn’t matter how hot the brew was when it was poured into the coffee mug.

It’s also portable, making it the perfect drink on the go.

Your dad can chill absolutely anything, even though it was originally designed for coffee! It would go down perfectly for my husband who likes chilled wine and whiskey.

Get a Loot Crate Box/Subscription

You may have noticed that we adore Loot Crate. Our house is full of the collectable items and my husband’s wardrobe is full of the awesome geeky T-shirts.

Loot Crate
If your husband is a geek, it’s definitely something you want to consider. I’m not sure what the June box is set to be, but April’s (which we’ll be reviewing next week) was all to do with solving clues and crimes. The month before that was Primal, and you can catch the March Loot Crate unboxing and review here.

Loot Crate is by far the best geeky subscription box around—and we’ve tried others. It’s the best value for money and the Customer Support team are amazing. We once didn’t get a delivery and the Customer Support handled it all within 24 hours and gave us the tracking number.

Get a SpaceWolf Gift

Another company that we’re massive fans of in this house is SpaceWolf. This is a little more pricy than some of the others, but totally worth the money.

SpaceWolf creates wood laser carvings. They only have a set number of each type they create, so you need to act fast in some cases. There are carvings that we’ve missed out on because they were so popular. This is why the prices are a little higher, since they only make a limited number.

Oh and the “limited number” isn’t marketing. I’ve never seen them offer extra at a later date and we’ve followed them for a couple of years now.

There is something for all types of movie fans. My favourite one at the moment has to be Toddler Groot, but that’s just because I love Groot so much.

Opt for a Tasting Room One-Off Box

Another subscription box you could consider is Tasting Room. This is one of the perfect Father’s Day gift ideas for wine lovers.

Each box will give you six miniature versions of a bottle of wine. They’re tasting samples and you get to rate them on the site. Your dad ends up with his own personal wine list, making it easier to pick and choose bottles in the restaurant without hoping that it goes down well with the dinner order.

You can start off with a one-off box if you’d like. This will give your dad an idea of whether he will like it or not.

Buy Him the Best BBQ Book Around

Is your dad a BBQ fan? Does he enjoy creating different types of dishes for the family and hosting friends during the summer months? Well, it’s time to get him a recipe book that gives him far more ideas and makes him the man to turn to when it comes to any BBQ event.

Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto
I’m talking about Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto. This isn’t just a recipe book. It goes through all the different types of BBQs, cooking every type of meat possible, as well as tips for herbs, spices, and much more.

Oh your dad will also learn how to build his own smoker and learn the right woods to use. Why are you not getting him this Father’s day gift?

An All-Weather Memo Book for Travelling

Is your dad one of those who loves to hike? Chances are it doesn’t matter if it’s sunny, rainy, or even snowy, he will be out there with his tent. He may even have his fishing rods, ready to get some peace and quiet on the lake.

The downside of rainy camping is everything gets wet. He can’t spend any time jotting down his thoughts or working on his novel masterpiece because the pages keep getting wrecked.

It’s time to help him out with the Rite in the Rain memo book. I have personally used these types of notebooks for camping and they are a God-send. The best part is they’re extremely affordable, making them cheap Father’s Day gift ideas.

Get Him a FitBit

I know it’s not considered the most personal gift, but if your dad is a fitness fanatic or has shared an interest in getting fitter, he’ll appreciate it. After all, FitBits are not cheap.

This really is something to tell him you care.

There are different types of FitBits available. I personally have the FitBit One and my husband has the FitBit Flex (I think that one has been discontinued). There are downsides to both. The FitBit Alta almost combines the two together. Offering a fitness and sleep tracker in one, with access to the time and a clear image of the amount of steps done and calories burned.

It’s not just about getting fitter. The FitBit keeps you healthy and there’s an app so you can challenge friends.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for All

June will be here before you know it. Now is the time to start looking for the perfect Father’s Day gifts for the special man in your life. Above are options for all types of interests and preferences, making sure you’re covered for any occasion.

Let us know what you’ll get your dad for Father’s Day this year. Are you opting for one of the above Father’s Day gift ideas or something entirely different?

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