Top 5 Spoof Horror Movies Perfect for Halloween 2016

Top 5 Spoof Horror Movies Perfect for Halloween 2016

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Not all horror movies have to be scary. Spoof horror movies are entertaining and easy to watch. When it comes to Halloween, why not opt for the spoofs—the parodies that make fun of some of the most popular movies out there?

But there are so many, so where do you start? Well, for Halloween 2016, why not start with this list of top 5 spoof horror movies?

Scary Movie

Let’s start with really the movie that started the spoof genre off properly. Scary Movie was made in 2000—yes, it is really 16 years old now!—and poked fun at Scream, which in itself was a bit of a parody of some of the older scarier options.

The first two of the franchise are the best. From there they get a little ridiculous and I haven’t even bothered watching the last one. But the first two are perfect for a Halloween comedy night.

Scary Movie

Dracula: Dead and Loving It

Okay, so technically yes this is older than Scary Movie but it didn’t kick off the parody genre as much as the first movie franchise on the list. To be honest, this isn’t one of my most favorite comedy horror movies, but I know plenty of other people who love it. For me, Leslie Nelson is just a little over the top (but I think that about all his comedy movies).

Dracula – Dead and Loving It
As the title suggests, the movie is focused on the Dracula franchise. Viewers get to see Van Helsing take down Dracula in a fun way.

Saturday the 14th

I only found out about this movie recently, and it is one worth watching. While it sounds like a spoof of Friday the 13th, it’s a spoof of a mixture of movies—and not all horror. Get ready for Jaws and Dracula to be thrown in there.

Saturday The 14th
There is a good cast involved, which helps to make it funny instead of a roll-the-eyes spoof.

Shaun of the Dead

How can you not love this movie? It has to be one of my favorite spoof horror movies. The scene in the bar while Don’t Stop Me Now is playing is genius.

Shaun of the Dead [Blu-ray]
I’ve got to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the zombie genre, but I could get into this movie. I love Sean Penn and really enjoyed the way the movie was cut with the fast clips as they worked through what they needed to do.

Wait, so if one of my favorite spoof horror movies is already on the list, what’s number five? Well, it’s not quite a movie.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Series

You can actually get all the half hour Halloween episodes on one DVD now. This series of comedy takes a look at virtually every horror movie out there and turns it into a comedy.

The Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror
There are vampires, ghosts, and even The Shining make an appearance in this series. It’s the episode I look forward to every season, and I’m definitely looking forward to Halloween 2016’s The Simpsons episode.

That’s a look at some great comedy horror movies perfect for Halloween 2016. What are you going to watch this year?

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