‘Star Trek’ 1st Birthday Gift Ideas

‘Star Trek’ 1st Birthday Gift Ideas

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My daughter’s 1st birthday is just around the corner. I’ve been looking at all sorts of gift ideas for her. Christmas proved that she’s at the stage where she will play with toys but they have to be chewable and colourful.

Of course, our house is full of geeks, so I thought about some of the geeky options for babies out there.

Part of my blogging plan is to have a topic per day and Tuesday became Trekie Tuesday. Really, it’s a day for all things geek, but Trekie just ran better with the Tuesdays. To kick off the day, I wanted to share some Star Trek 1st birthday gift ideas that I found. Some are subtle and some are just fun.

Star Trek 1st Birthday Gift Ideas

You Can’t Go Wrong With Clothes

Honestly, clothing is one of the best things to get babies. They can never have too many socks and vests! There is always something that gets on them, whether they leak through their nappies or they spill their dinner down them.

Star Trek vests are easy to find and there are just so many of them. What I love about them is that they can be used throughout the year. These aren’t even 1st birthday specific, so they’re perfect until your child is out of the vest wearing stage.

We have a tendency to get the more suitable geek gifts. That led to me finding this Star Trek vest idea. It’s just a uniform with the simple badge on the shoulder. It’s like a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it type of item.

Infant -Star Trek- Command Uniform,Gold,6 Months
If you want something a little less subtle and extremely cute and amusing, why not this vest? It’s one that’s easily covered up but the saying ‘I just boldly went’ will put a smile on anyone’s face. I smirked as soon as I saw it.

Star Trek – I Just Boldly Went Infant Snapsuit T-Shirt, Navy Blue, 6M
If you want something a little different, there’s always a bib! You can never have too many of them, either!

CafePress – Star Trek Spock – Cute Cloth Baby Bib, Toddler Bib

Offer a ‘Star Trek’ Learning Opportunity

Introduce your one-year-old to all things Star Trek. No, I don’t mean put the DVDs on and start watching a marathon. Well, not yet.

There’s this book of opposites. Really, the book will teach your baby about happy/sad and hot/cold etc. But it’s all done with the Star Trek characters and creatures. This is a fun way to tell your baby about the character names and what they’re doing in the picture. You never know if their first word will be ‘Spock!’

Star Trek Book of Opposites

Think About Bath Toys

Chances are your little one is now getting involved in bathtime play. Mine has been at it for a while, so at Christmas we got a few bath toys. I wish I’d seen this rubber ducky!

Spock is a firm favourite in this house. The detail is really good for a bath toy, too. I love that Spock’s hand is in his Vulcan gesture and that the duck even has pointy ears.

CelebriDucks Mr. Squawk RUBBER DUCK Costume Quacker
If none of these Star Trek 1st birthday gift ideas don’t work, there are so many others available. Here’s just a selection that I absolutely love and am trying not to overspend on buying!

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