‘Scream’ Review: A Franchise That Didn’t Need to Be Continued

‘Scream’ Review: A Franchise That Didn’t Need to Be Continued

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I remember the first night that I watched Scream. I was babysitting my little sister and it just so happened to be on TV. I was under 18 but that didn’t stop me from being glued to the screen for the next couple of hours.

It wasn’t the best horror movie I’d ever watched (I love horror movies for the scares) but it was a different take to everything I’d watched in the past. It was a horror and parody at the same time and Wes Craven was a master at that.

But I’ve got to be honest that there’s only the first Scream that I really enjoyed. From there, it dragged and I’ve not been the biggest fan of the TV series. Here’s my Scream review to help you understand my thoughts.

‘Scream’ Does a Different Take on Horror

Scream did the one thing that horror fans had been screaming at the screen for year. It made fun of the same mistakes that the women in these horror movies have always made. The main character even makes a point of how the women are all ridiculous: they run up the stairs instead of out the front door.

There was some humor in the horror. We got to see the mistakes that people would make, with connections to so many of the other great franchises at the time: Halloween, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street just to get you started.

All the characters were believable, too. It was easy to connect with the main character, while really wanting certain characters to survive even though you knew it just couldn’t happen.

The twist was easy to see coming, but that was part of the lure of the movie. There was more of a focus of wondering how the characters hadn’t seen the outcome in the end.

‘Scream 2’ Wasn’t Too Bad

Okay, so the second movie of the franchise was bearable. It’s one that I can watch again, because there are some good connections to the original. The problem is that it’s nowhere near as good.

There were some stretches of storylines throughout this. Like the idea of bringing Billy’s mother into it. This was just too far-fetched for me. It also seemed like they had some great actors but didn’t quite use them to their full potential in this. The use of the names was more of a marketing gimmick.

Some of the throw-away lines were my favorite. I liked hearing the discussion of who would play certain characters in the movie Stab in the show, especially bringing in the idea of David Schwimmer to play Dewey, considering the Friends connection.

Overall, it wasn’t a ridiculous movie but it wasn’t really necessary.

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I Don’t Even Remember ‘Scream 3’

Yes, I’ve seen it and I’ve seen it a couple of times, but I don’t remember it! That’s how much I thought about it.

I’m actually looking through the cast while I write this and I didn’t even realize the likes of Kelly Rutherford, Patrick Dempsey, and Scott Foley were in the movie! Really!

While the movie wasn’t as bad as the fourth one, it was still a bit pointless. There was no need to drag the franchise on any longer and it became more about making money than entertaining fans.

The one good thing is that it continues to poke fun at some of the other horror movies. The use of the “token black guy” phrase throughout the movie was apt for the time of filming: something that many movie fans commented on in the years before (and still comment on in the years after). There was the attempt to keep it focused on the main reason for developing the movie.

‘Scream 4’ Took Things Way Too Far

Ten years go by and we think Scream is over. But wait…there’s a new movie coming out. Scream 4 starring Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, and Emma Roberts.

Okay, so the use of Roberts turned me off right away. There is something about her that I don’t like. Maybe it’s the fact that she seems so typecast now. I haven’t liked her in American Horror Story or Scream Queens (mind you, I really didn’t like Scream Queens). The main reason I kept watching was because I wanted to see what would happen to Hayden Panettiere’s character.

There was a step away from the main focus on Scream but there was at least a twist at the end. A twist that I have always wondered about when watching movies. In fact, when I was a kid it was a twist I added to one of my own ideas…it looks like Wes Craven and I were on similar thought-trains.

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Of course, the semi-success of the movie led to the TV series. The series that I’ve watched half the first episode of and just not even bothered with since. It’s just not something I can get into. At least with the TV show, it’s on Netflix and it’s easy to find something else to watch!

Overall, I liked the first Scream movie. It was new, original, and there were jumps in it. From there on, it’s just gotten worse. If you want a bit of a scare on Halloween, watch the first movie but leave it there. You don’t need to know the rest.

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