Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandmas

Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandmas

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Mother’s Day will be here before you know it. There is still time to get or make some gifts, but it’s not just your mum that you need to think about. There are grandmas to remember this time of year. Here are five Mother’s Day gifts for grandmas that are perfect for all ages to give.

Mother's Day gifts for grandmas

A Photo of the Generations

Depending on the age of you, your parents, and your grandparents, there could be a few generations of women. This is the chance to remember that, especially if you’re looking for a gift for the older generation of mothers in the family. I remember my daughter’s christening and my grandmother wanted a photo of the four generation of women in the family – my poor sister was the one to take the photo!

Why not do this as a gift for grandmas? It’s one that works for most generations, as there is always someone to remember and smile at, even if they have passed.

You could have a photo of each generation holding a photo of their child or just have everyone together. Put the photo in a beautiful frame and your gift is done – it really is the thought that counts.

There are some beautiful frame options from Zazzle.

Create Artwork with Handprints and Footprints

There is a beauty in personalised artwork that you can’t get from anywhere else. You can gain some inspiration from other artwork or photos out there, but you want to recreate them with kids. Use handprints and footprints for special Mother’s Day gifts for grandmas.

Children don’t stay small forever. It’s very easy to forget just how little they were. Well, now you get a chance to create a reminder as a gift.

The artwork can be as simple as handprints creating the sun with a loving message and grandmas will love it.



Create a Photo Collage

If you’re still unsure or you don’t like the other two Mother’s Day gift ideas for grandmothers, then why not create a photo collage. This can be a range of photos of the family together, individual family members who the gift is from, and photos of specific family members together.

The benefit of a collage is that the creation is personalised. It’s also very cheap to do, since you just have to print the photos off that you already have!

A love heart is often the popular option for the collage shape, but you can choose a shape that has more meaning to you as a family if you’d like!

Don’t forget to add a frame to make this perfect for just hanging up on the wall!

Make Your Own Family Tree

No, you don’t need to research your lineage unless you want to. This is more about the family names or photos that are connected to you and your grandmother. Make it as personal as possible.

You can paint a tree, even using hands, feet, and fingers to do the artwork! From there, just add photos on various branches, with the older generations closer to the roots and the younger generations on the tips of the branches.

Don’t forget to put the family name at the bottom. Work with the recipient’s name at the bottom and not your current family name if you married into a family. This is a gift for your grandmother remember.

Personalise a Mug as Something Practical

While there are plenty of sentimental and fun gifts, there are some people who just prefer practical options. There’s nothing wrong with that and Zazzle makes it easy to create something personal and practical at the same time.



It’s all about the mugs! You can pop photos on the mugs, along with some beautiful messages. The mugs don’t have to include photos if you don’t want. There are some quirky messages that will instantly make your grandma smile.

I highly recommend taking a look around Zazzle for Mother’s Day gifts for grandmas. It’s full of affordable and high quality ideas.

Share your Mother’s Day gift ideas below and let’s help each other find the best gifts for grandmas everywhere.

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