Marvel Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Marvel Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

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A couple of weeks ago I looked at the Marvel gift ideas for her that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Well, with one week to go, there is still time to get your gifts for that man in your life. What better way to show you care than with gifts that are all about his favorite comic franchise?

Here are five Marvel Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him that will be perfect for that special man in your life.

Marvel Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Opt for Quirky Clothing with a Marvel Bowtie

Okay, so this wouldn’t go down that well in this house since it’s too obvious what it is, but I know plenty of other men who would love this. It’s fun, geeky, and screams Marvel.

The tie uses cartoon images spliced together, looking very much like the Marvel opening credits. There are different types of Marvel bowties out there, but you can get an Captain America vs. Ironman one, a Spider-Man one, and even a mixture of small cartoon images to suit your Marvel superhero (or villain) tastes.

Go Geeky with Captain America Bathrobes

Why stop with just a small bowtie? How about something your man can wear around the house, while pretending to be his favorite superhero?

The Captain America bathrobe stands out the most. It has a hood that pulls all the way over and has eye holes, very much like Captain America’s costume.  The best thing about this is that it’s practical and doesn’t stand out too much…well, he’s not likely to wear it out the house so he might not really care.

There are plenty of other Marvel PJ sets and bathrobes available. Choose your guy’s favorite Marvel superhero or villain.

Feed Him with an Avengers Waffle Maker

Who said the Marvel Valentine’s gift ideas had to be practical? Sometimes they’re all about having some fun, even if they’re only used the once.

Okay, so this one you’ll want to use more than once, but it’s still more fun than practical. You don’t really need a waffle maker in your house, do you? Well, maybe you do and this is the perfect excuse to get one. What’s better than having a waffle maker with The Avengers faces on?

Marvel MVA-281 Avengers Waffle Maker, Blue
If you love the waffle maker, you may be interested in these other Marvel kitchen items. I love Thor’s hammer!

Get Funky with Phone Chargers

Why not get some portable power chargers? He’ll never have an excuse not to text you back! There are plenty of Marvel portable chargers available, and they all just need a USB. That means they’re suitable for tablets as well as phones.

My favorite is the Baby Groot version, but I absolutely adore the character and I definitely can’t wait for Guardians of the Galaxy. My second favorite is this Captain America’s shield, which is a little easier to carry around.

Bleiou Captain America Wireless Charger Pad For SAMSUNG Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S6 edge+ Google Nexus 4/5 Lumia 920 Cargador Inalambrico

Opt for Special with a Pair of Cufflinks

Sometimes you want the Valentine’s Day gifts for him to be small and for special occasions. Cufflinks are the perfect way to do this. He’ll be able to show off his geeky side without being over the top, whatever the occasion. And his friends will be mighty jealous when they find out who found them.

There are all sorts of characters and symbols from the Marvel universe when it comes to cufflinks. Here are just a few to get you started.

What will you get first? If you have Amazon Prime, you can get free delivery on your Marvel Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and will still be able to get your orders in before February 14! By the way, these gifts will work for birthdays and Christmas, too!

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