Marvel Gift Ideas for Her for Valentine’s Day

Marvel Gift Ideas for Her for Valentine’s Day

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Who said that girls only like chocolates and roses for Valentine’s Day? If your girlfriend or wife is anything like me then she definitely doesn’t. She wants something that works to her geeky side.

So for Trekie Tuesday it’s not quite “Star Trek.” To be honest the name “Trekie” is only because it alliterates with the “Tuesday.” I want it to be Geeky Tuesday more than anything else.

One of my favourite comic universes is the Marvel one. Captain America is by far my favourite, but I adore Black Widow, Thor (especially the idea of a female Thor) and Agent Carter. My husband getting me Marvel gifts for occasions would go down far better than a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates.

But what do you get that significant other for Valentine’s Day that’s Marvel related? Well, here are our top five picks for Marvel gift ideas for her for Valentine’s Day.

Start With the Loot Crate Subscription Box

There’s no denying that the Loot Crate subscription box is worth the money. We get it every single month and haven’t had a bad one yet. In fact, they just get better and better. Both of us find something different as our favourite item because we both have different geeky preferences, and that’s one of the most powerful elements of the box.

You could opt for one of the month’s mystery boxes if you want, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll get Marvel Valentine’s Day gifts. In fact, the February box doesn’t look to have a Marvel element to it.

Instead, you can take a look at some of the older boxes. You can buy the items directly from the vault. My favourite item is the Loot Crate for Fangirls. While there are DC and Star Trek items within it, the main item is the Women of Marvel skater dress. Definitely worth the money just for that dress alone!

If you just want to get one Loot Crate to see what it’s like, that’s definitely a great option. You can also get a past crate to see the quality of the items and make sure you get something for your Marvel fan.

Why Not a Dancing Groot…Or Another Pop Doll!

Yes, I mention Pop! dolls every time, but you know why? Because they make excellent gifts. They’re small and simple, and they don’t cost too much so you can get something on a tight budget.

When it comes to Marvel gift ideas for her, why not opt for a Dancing Groot? This figure from Guardians of the Galaxy sits in a plant pot and has a bobble head. I don’t usually like bobble head Pop! dolls but I can make an exception for this one. It’s meant to dance and who doesn’t want a Dancing Groot in their life?

Funko POP! Marvel: Dancing Groot Bobble Action Figure
I need Captain America to work on my collection of Marvel Pop! dolls, which is not a hint for Marvel Valentine’s Day gift ideas, but I’m just putting it out there that it’s on my wishlist.

Opt for iPad and iPhone Covers

Typing “Marvel” into the Zazzle site doesn’t really bring that much Marvel up. I get a lot of DC gift ideas…oh the shame, Zazzle!

Anyway, there are a few options. And the benefit of Zazzle is that you can create your own when you don’t find something that you really want.

iPhone covers and iPad covers tend to be the most sought after options when it comes to Marvel gift ideas for her for Valentine’s Day. This iPad sleeve option is lightweight and will put a smile on most Marvel fans. It’s iconic with the logo and use of characters within the lettering. And if you’re concerned about the environment, the sleeve is made through environmentally sustainable methods.



Not only will your iPad be protected from drops with this cover, but it will also be protected from the rain. The padding is soft and water-resistant.

You can even use the code “WITHLOVE2017” at checkout to save 50% on Valentine’s Day 2017 gifts and 15% off products across the whole site.

Opt for a Purse or Handbag

How about giving something that that special woman in your life can show off on a daily basis? There are many bags and purses available in stores around the world with the Marvel characters or symbols on them.

Some will have just the slightest hint, such as Captain America’s shield or a single line from Ironman. There won’t be anything else, so only fans of Marvel will understand. Others make the interest in the universe much clearer.

Marvel Comics Deadpool Juniors Suit Up Zip Around Wallet
There are sets available, so you can get the bag and the purse, or you can get them separately to save a little money. This Deadpool purse is a simple black and red design, which makes it easy to work for business and pleasure. That special woman in your life can also take it on a girl’s night out and only Deadpool fans will recognise it.

Comic Books Coasters

Okay, these are not the easiest of the Marvel gift ideas for her to find but they are excellent. I adore them and would happily have them out in my house! I’m sure the others in the house would love them too.

There’s a range of Marvel comic book coasters. Most of them take a scene or a comic book cover from years past and place them on tumbled marble. They take hours of work and are simply beautiful. The cracked-edge style adds to the feel that these are comic strips from years past.

One of the best things about the coasters is that they are made to order. That means you get something that is made for you—or more like your significant other. Right now the coasters feature Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, The Silver Surfer, and Ironman but there may be other options available at a later date. Why not get in touch directly?

If you don’t want the coasters, there are always Marvel glasses available instead.  While there are plenty with the Avengers and Spider-Man available, this one has a few anti-heroes to add to your collection. There’s just something that draws me to them just because they’re different.

Marvel Silver Buffalo MC031P17Z 4 Piece Marvel Villains Clear Glass with Laser Set, 16 oz, Multicolor
Now it’s time to get your fingers typing to spend your money. These are by far our favourite ideas for Marvel gift ideas for her for Valentine’s Day. Which do you prefer the most and will you buy this year?

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