DIY 1st Birthday Decoration Ideas

DIY 1st Birthday Decoration Ideas

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As I mentioned last week, it’s coming up to my daughter’s 1st birthday. This has led to research into various 1st birthday ideas, and I don’t just mean gifts.

Monkey had a huge party with friends and family coming to celebrate her 1st birthday. We don’t really have that chance with Peanut, since we’re so far away from everyone. So, we need to find other ways to make it special.

Decorations tend to go to waste and they cost a lot of money. So, it’s time to look at DIY 1st birthday decoration ideas instead. Here are five that you can do without that much hassle. Even those who aren’t so creative can get onboard with these!

Make Timeline Photo Bunting

Your friends and family will love to see how your little one has grown over the last year. In fact, there are high chances that you’ve forgotten where you started.

A lot of people tend to do the birth photo and then one for the first year. I like the idea of a timeline series and bunting offers the perfect way to do that.

You just need some string and your favourite photos—one from each month. We got some milestone cards, so made sure that we took a photo with each month. We’ll print them off for the milestone photo frames and they can be used in so many other ways.

Get some wooden pegs and paint them to match the birthday party colour theme. Literally, just coloured dots will work perfectly. You can then add a love heart, dinosaur head, or something to the top of each peg with the numbers 1-12 to make it clear which month goes with which photo.

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Use Photos to Spell Out Numbers and Words

If you have far more pictures than the single month ones that you want to use, you can create numbers and words out of them.

Gather them together into a collage in the shape of a one. You can then do the name or “happy birthday.” Don’t have a rhyme or reason to the photos you use. Just put them together as an artistic collage and let people look around at the fun you’ve had.

This is an excellent way to show off both personal and professional images that you’ve had done.

Make Your Own Tassel Bunting

Tassel bunting is really easy to make. There’s no need to spend a fortune on the stuff in craft or gift stores.

All you need is some crafty paper in different colours. Think about a party theme that you’re having to match the colours. If you’re not throwing a party, why not choose the favourite colours for your child—those that suit them?

Sit the paper so the long edges run away from you. Fold along the shorter edges four or five times. Now cut your stripes, leaving two inches or so at the top, so you don’t end up with lots of little pieces of stringy paper!

Just peg your streams to some string along the wall. You can even match with some colourful balloons on the edges if you’d like!

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Photo DIY Cupcake Toppers

Now how about something for your cake toppers? I love doing cupcakes when it’s a birthday party. There are no arguments over the size of portions or making sure there’s enough cake for everyone.

You don’t need to worry about spending a fortune on cake toppers. DIY cupcake toppers are easy to make from home and personalise. All you need is a photo of your little one! Cut out the head and top with a party hat. A photo of your little one smiling or giggling is perfect.

Stick the two on a small plastic stick and place in the middle of your cupcakes.

Make Mason Jar Holders and Table Decorations

I regularly say that mason jars are handy for crafts. If you avoid painting them, you can use your jars time and time again!

When it comes to DIY 1st birthday decoration ideas, mason jars are a must. Not only do they make beautiful table decorations, but they’re practical for the party needs.

Start by wrapping some silver or gold paper along the bottom of the jars. You can choose a colour to match your theme, but I find silver or gold work with other colours easily for birthday parties.

Get a small thin strip of ribbon for around the neck of the jar. Make sure it’s the colour of your party theme and it’s long enough to criss-cross at the top. Hold in place with a glittery heart that matches the bottom of the jar. You can also use a dinosaur head or something that works with the party theme.

Monkey loved Minions, so if we know about this when it was her 1st birthday, we’d have done Minion heads. With Peanut, it’s all about Paw Patrol and Word Party, so we’ll be looking for heads for the characters to use.

Pop your mason jars in the middle of the tables and use them to store items like plastic cutlery and straws!

1st Birthday Party Decorations Don’t Cost a Fortune

There you are! Five ideas to keep your 1st birthday party decorations to a minimum. They really don’t have to cost a fortune. I love DIY party decorations because they are so affordable and I get to put my own style to things.

Pinterest really is my favourite place to look for some ideas that I can make my own! One of these days I’ll actually remember to take photos of all the decorations that we make!

What DIY 1st birthday decorations ideas (or any other year) do you have in your back pocket? Feel free to share some in the comments below. Or tell me which ones you’ll be saving for next time.

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