Countdown to Christmas Day #20: Christmas Day Meal Plan

Countdown to Christmas Day #20: Christmas Day Meal Plan

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If you haven’t already started like us, you’ll be looking at your Christmas Day meal plan very soon. You want to create a list so you don’t forget anything—we always leave something off and I’ve just realized we’ve left the Yorkshire puddings off!

See, there’s always something.

With a little planning, you can avoid the mistakes and have the perfect Christmas Day dinner. Here’s a small meal plan to get you start with your preparation.

What’s for Breakfast?

Okay, so it’s not just about dinner. You want to get your Christmas Day meal plan organised for the whole day. So, what’s going to be for breakfast?

For us, it’s always bacon and egg sandwiches. We bought English muffins this year just for a change. Yes, it’s 5 days before Christmas Day and we’ve already started some of the Christmas Day preparations.

The bacon and egg sandwiches were something that my parents did too. It’s a warm breakfast that is very easy to cook.

Will You Have a Starter?

So, now we come to the Christmas Day dinner part of our plan. Not everyone has starters, but we do. Will you be doing the same?

Prawn cocktails go down extremely well in this house. Rather than putting the whole cocktail together, we’ve bought a prawn ring to enjoy between us. They have the dip in the middle.

We’ll also have some pigs in blankets (mini sausages wrapped in bacon) and usually a soup. This year we’re not bothering with the soup and will do a cranberry and brie puff tear-and-share instead. The idea came from a video we saw on Facebook and just had to try and what better time than at Christmas?

Yes, this is a lot of food. We usually have a lot of people coming for Christmas Day. This year is a little different but we love our food. If you can’t overeat on Christmas Day, when can you do it?

Will You Have Turkey or Ham?

I’ve noticed that there’s a big thing about ham dinners for Christmas Day this side of the Atlantic. We do turkey and always have. That’s what we’re doing this year.

We got away with a 7kg turkey this year—usually bigger for more people—and will have some normal and sweet potatoes to make roast potatoes and mash. We’re opting for frozen veg just to keep the cost down and I now need to make Yorkshire puddings!

There’s gravy and cranberry sauce, of course, and we can’t forget the stuffing. I tend to make my own stuffing so it is somewhat Weight Watchers friendly for the day. I’m not sure if I’m going to do that this year or just cheat with a packet mix.

The turkey is always prepared with a recipe that my husband found in his Gordon Ramsey cookbook. The potatoes are made from a recipe out of the same book, with rosemary and paprika over the top. There are just so many other recipes that I want to try from this book, but just don’t have the time for this year. Next year I may find one or two more that we can add to the list.

Christmas with Gordon
Here’s the book if you want to get it for yourself. I know a few people don’t really like Ramsey, but his recipes are to die for.

Have You Saved Room for Dessert?

Now it’s time for that moment you’ve been waiting for: the dessert.

I love this part of the Christmas Day meal plan. This year we’ll be cheating because the kitchen just isn’t big enough to do the cooking ourselves. But I usually make some type of cake. Last year I cheated too by buying a panatone because I was 8.5 months pregnant and just didn’t want to be on my feet baking all Christmas Eve!

This year’s cake is still to be decided. It will likely be some sort of panatone, though. We’re not the biggest fans of Christmas puddings in this house. I’ll also get some brandy cream for the side.

I’m looking out for brandy snaps to go with the dessert and we’ll make a fruit salad for a bit of a healthier option. Monkey has requested strawberries.

Oh and we can’t forget the ice cream! I couldn’t believe that a 2lt tub was cheaper than a 500g Ben and Jerry’s tub of ice cream, so bought two of them for the Christmas period.

Will You Have Snacks Throughout the Day?

And finally there’s the option of having snacks throughout the day. We’ve got a few bits of chocolate and crisps to share. We usually have a lot more but we’ve decided to keep it to a minimum. There’s no point completely gorging ourselves and not having room for dinner!

There’s also the gingerbread village that we’ll make on Christmas Eve to demolish!

Wilton 2104-1910 Mini Village Gingerbread
We will also have the chocolate gifts we get each other. Every year we both get the same chocolate gifts as they’re Christmas-only chocolates for us. The girls have some chocolate each too to open.

So, that’s a look at our Christmas Day meal plan. Are you ready for your Christmas Day dinner?

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