Countdown to Christmas Day #10: Baby Friendly DIY Christmas Tree

Countdown to Christmas Day #10: Baby Friendly DIY Christmas Tree

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Someone said to me when we put our Christmas tree up that we were brave. We have a very mobile and active baby in the house.

Sure enough, we probably were brave. But we also thought ahead.

While the baby wanted to pull the Christmas tree down, we were able to distract her with something else. Her very own Christmas tree that she could do whatever she wanted it. It was baby friendly and perfect for all her needs.

And yes, it has worked! While she likes the odd decoration on the real Christmas tree, we have been able to encourage her to go for her own tree.

What Type of DIY Christmas Tree?

We got some soft foamy material for the Christmas tree. Felt will work as well.

We chose some green, red, and brown just to keep it all simple for this year. The green is perfect for a tree and it’s cut out into a Christmas tree shape. The brown is for the trunk of the tree and then the red is for the baubles. Again, we kept it simple by cutting out circles of different sizes as baubles.

My husband has since created some presents and other baubles for under and on the tree.

Where Does the Baby Friendly Christmas Tree Go?

Right now the tree is stuck to one of the doors in the apartment. We tried with magnets but found they were a little useless. They just don’t stay stuck to the foam!

We were going to try Velcro, but we’ve found that some tape works perfectly. It’s a type of masking tape that doesn’t mark the door at all, so perfect for renting.

You end up with a very simple Christmas tree like the one below. It’s completely baby friendly. Ours runs around with bits of the tree and tries to photocopy them! Not sure what the fascination with the printer/photocopier is, but never mind.

Holly Decided to Try Monkey’s Lunch

Friday night I pulled out Monkey’s lunch bag to find out that she’d hardly eaten anything. Well, we emptied out the sandwiches and put Holly’s head inside as if she had eaten it all.

Monkey found this amusing. The lunchbox had to be moved during the day as Peanut had figured out how to pull it (and the Elf) off the table!


Would you like to see more crafts for the kids? Feel free to let me know which types of crafts you’d like and I’ll get to work with Monkey and Peanut to create them.

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