Baby Dragon Halloween Costumes

Baby Dragon Halloween Costumes

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I’ve been looking at Halloween costume ideas for babies. Our younger daughter will experience her first Halloween this year. So, it’s led to questions about what to do for Halloween.

There are lots of cute options out there, but the baby dragon Halloween costumes just make me smile for some reason. I think it’s all the bright colors that are used in the costumes. There’s no denying that these costumes are cute but the brightness really makes them stand out—and look a lot more dragon-like.

The Baby Dinky Halloween Costume

My favorite of all the dragon costumes available is this Baby Dinky one. It’s bright blue, which is one of the colors I think of when someone mentions dragon to me (purple is the other).

InCharacter Baby Dinky Dragon Costume, Teal/Green, Small (6 – 12 Months)
The style of it also screams baby Halloween costumes, too. It’s got more of a cartoon storytelling style to it, one that I would associate with kid’s stories about princesses, princes, castles, and dragons. I feel like this has been made with the child is mind and not just for a fun costume.

This costume has a zipper but still has poppers at the bottom. Diaper changes will be easy enough. The feet come off the costume too, so your child can crawl around with or without the dragon feet. These feet are slip resistant, which is important for my little one as she’s getting to the walking stage.

Danny the Dragon Costume

My second favorite is the Danny the Dragon costume. It’s technically meant to be for boys, but I don’t give in to all that gender-specific clothing. My little girl often finds herself in blue truck onesies and Batman vests! My elder daughter still loves some of the “boy’s” clothes in the shops. They get what fits them, what is practical for them, and what they like (as they get older, of course). So, I’m going to ignore the whole “boy” labelling on this costume.

Princess Paradise Baby Boys Danny The Dragon, Blue, 0/6 Months
This would wouldn’t work for us, but is one of the baby dragon Halloween costumes for those that aren’t mobile yet. It’s more like an infant sleeping bag but with arms, a hood, and a dragon’s tale. Oh and there are even dragon wings at the back!

On another positive note, the costume is warm and will keep any baby wrapped up all snug when it comes to the colder nights.

Darlin’ Dragon Baby Halloween Costume

I like to give people a choice in their Halloween costume ideas. This one isn’t one of my favorites but it is cute. It has that storybook style look to the dragon’s face, so looks a lot more suitable for babies than some of the others.

One thing that is great about this is that the hood, wings, and tail all detach from the costume. If your baby is fed up or it’s time to go to bed, they can sleep away in the costume without any risk. The booties also remove to avoid overheating.

Darlin Dragon Baby Halloween Costume 6-12 Months
The downside I’ve found is that there are no poppers at the bottom. To change the diaper, you’ll need to take the whole costume off and that’s not always practical.

More Baby Dragon Halloween Costumes

Just to make sure you have plenty of choice when it comes to your baby dragons, here’s a look at a few more ideas for costumes.

I love the first one. This may be the one for this year. I have found slightly larger sizes, so it may be something to do next year when my daughter is toddling around a lot more.

What do you think about the baby dragon Halloween costumes? Are they for you?

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    • Neither did I until I started searching for some ideas. I love these ones, though, especially the ones that can be used afterwards. There’s never a wrong time to dress up the babies 😉 You’re welcome.

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