6 Spring Wedding Decoration Ideas

6 Spring Wedding Decoration Ideas

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Are you getting married this spring? Maybe you’re looking at a spring wedding for 2018, 2019 and beyond. Spring is a beautiful time. It’s a time for rebirth and new, so a spring wedding is perfect. But you need the perfect spring wedding decoration ideas to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Here’s a look at six ideas for spring wedding decorations. Enjoy your day, because it will fly by.

#1. Use Pastel Colours as Much as Possible

You want to keep things light and airy. Pastel colours are perfect for this. Add baby blues and pinks around the room, or use lighter shades of yellows and greens.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through flower petals. Scatter them down the aisle for the bride to walk over and add them across tables at the wedding venue. You can also create floral headdresses with pastel colours for decoration.

Another option would be candles in pastel colours. They’re relatively easy to find thanks to the likes of Amazon. Put them in the middle of tables. You don’t need to light them if you don’t want. They’re just there as a centrepiece for the tables.

Spring Wedding Decoration Ideas

#2. Use Vintage Crockery for the Meals

Your wedding venue may not allow this, but it’s always worth asking about. Vintage crockery tends to have light floral patterns, which scream springtime.

If you can’t use the crockery for the main meals, you could opt for an English tea during the day. This could be put on for the guests while they wait between the wedding and lunch or in between meals, as canapés when your guests arrive.

The best thing is the crockery doesn’t have to match! You can get a range of vintage options from local charity and antique stores at a low cost to keep you within your wedding budget.

#3. Use Teapots for the Flower Vases

Instead of getting vases for your flowers at the tables, use vintage teapots instead. This is a great way to get around a venue that doesn’t really want you using any vintage crockery.

Vintage style Hand Painted Pearl Top Tea Pot with Overall Jewels Trinket Box
The teapots can be different across the tables and there’s less chance of them getting broken, unlike vintage crockery. You can still use them, even if you’re not using flowers. Fill them with fake flowers or add other elements of your colour scheme. They can also hold the table number for your guests.

Teapots like this will give a feeling of antique English spring and summer lunches or teas in the garden.

#4. Have a Decorated Wagon

This is one of those spring wedding decoration ideas that can be used in the ceremony too. If you have children who can’t walk yet or have a tendency to act out, pop them in the decorated wagon and pull them down the aisle!

Opt for a wooden wagon if possible. This helps to add a feeling of antique English springtime.

There’s no need to go overboard with the decorations. Add a white cotton blanket and a few flowers to match your spring wedding theme and it will be perfect. Pop the wagon in the corner of a room where guests will see it afterwards, possibly as an option for gifts to be placed in for easier carrying to the room.

#5. Use Mason Jars with Daisies

It really is about the flower and greenery when it comes to spring weddings. Remember that it’s about new beginnings and rebirth.

Well, why not use the popular springtime flower: the daisy. You can add a bunch in mason jars for the table centrepieces. Don’t forget to stick a light label on the mason jars for the table numbers!

People will love the simplicity and you’ll love the low cost! Your table decorations don’t need to be over the top. One jar in the middle will avoid people not being able to talk to each other across from the table and not take up extra space when it comes to food and drinks.

#6. Have a Wicker Basket for the Cards

Wicker baskets are beautiful additions to spring weddings. You can use them practically and not just for decoration.

On your card table, add a wicker basket with a sign. Make it clear that this is the place for cards and remind your ushers, groomsmen, and bridesmaid that this is where cards go when your guests aren’t too sure.

It can also be an option for messages from your guests. Instead of a traditional guest book, ask your guests to leave a small message on a little gift card or label and pop that in your wicker basket. Everything is contained and easy to cart away.

Enjoy your spring wedding and make it your own. These spring wedding decoration ideas will just get you started, but there are so many ways to create a personalised and beautiful day.

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