5 Ideas for Winter Wedding Invites

5 Ideas for Winter Wedding Invites

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Getting married in the winter? Make sure your invitations utilize the season. Here are five top winter wedding invites that look sophisticated and elegant.

Getting married in the winter doesn’t mean you’re having a Christmas wedding. When initially looking for winter wedding invites, you’ve likely come across wedding invitations with a Christmas feel. They use the red ribbon or have holly in the corners. Some will use candles and fancy calligraphy that makes you feel like you’re at a Christmas candle mass.

Winter wedding invitations can encompass everything about the season without feeling Christmasy. Here are five beautiful designs worth considering.

Winter wedding invites

The Winter Wonderland Wedding Invites

Let’s start with the simplistic winter wonderland style invitations. The white invitation with silver elements will give that feeling of the chilly season, while including an element of sophistication. The snowflakes give the sense of being outside, surrounding by snowmen and igloos.

The beautiful typography also has an element of elegance to it. It’s easy to read and there’s room to put all the details of the wedding venue, date, and time.

This is an invitation that can be used throughout the winter season. It will work exceptionally well for a New Year wedding.


The Rustic Winter Feel

Rather than a winter wonderland, you may want to bring the feeling of nature with your wedding invitations. This rustic wedding invite will certainly help with that, while the use of the white flowers and lights at the top help to add that sense of winter warmth.

You don’t have to have a wedding in a barn to use these invites, although they will go together extremely well. The wooden boards at the back just add an element of creativity and style.


Thwart the Winter Blues

This gorgeous winter wedding invite will make anyone feel happy about the winter weather. The snowflakes and coloring remind people of the chill in the season, but there’s still a warmth about the invite. The brightness down the middle helps to create that sense of beautiful and love.

There’s nothing Christmasy at all about this winter invite. It’s something to use throughout the season, and the font used looks elegant and classy.

There’s a whole selection of wedding stationary in this style, helping to continue the warm winter feeling throughout your wedding.


Make It Feel Like an Elegant Party

I will admit that this invitation can give the feel of a Christmas party, but it also gives the feeling of New Year celebrations. The silver confetti falling from the top of the invite helps to bring an element of glamour to your event. The diamonds that shine through remind you that it’s the winter.

When you want to remind people that it’s a formal event, this is the invitation for your needs. Nobody can overlook the need for black tie when they’re looking at black and silver wedding invitations.


If you’re not a big fan of silver, you can also get this invitation in faux rose gold. While looking elegant, the change in color can take away the feeling of a Christmas party. It’s more of an elegant party that can help to solidify that it’s a wedding first.

Those Who Want the Christmas Wedding

If you are throwing a Christmas wedding, you may want your winter wedding invites to make that clear. You want your guests to see at a glance what to expect. There’s no need to make your wedding invites look tacky, though. An invite with a beautiful red ribbon will make the season theme explicitly clear.

The benefit of this Christmas wedding invite is that there’s still the touch of elegance. Only the red ribbon and font will give the theme away. With the white background and black at the bottom, you can show elegance through the simplistic design.



It’s time to choose your winter wedding invites. Let us know what you went with in the comments below.

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