5 Ways of Using a Magazine File to Keep Your Home in Order

5 Ways of Using a Magazine File to Keep Your Home in Order

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A magazine file is a popular way of storing books and documents. I certainly use mine for storing some of my books that I tend to need on a daily basis. But they’re not just good for storage.

You can use a magazine file to keep your home in order. Here are five ways that they are perfect and will help to keep costs down.

Create a Shelving Unit

Why bother paying for small corner shelves for your home when you can use magazine files? You’ll need a sturdy one, so a hard wooden file is usually a better option than the flimsy, plastic ones with gaps!

Turn the file on its side, with the open section facing you. Now pop in a corner where you want it and drill it into the wall through the gap. You can also use brackets underneath if you want to easily switch out your magazine files for newer ones on a regular basis.

This type of shelf is excellent for near the TV. You can keep all the remotes in the gap of the magazine file and the top is a place to pop your TV guide or even X box controllers. If you have the Disney: Infinity play pieces, the top would make an excellent place to display them.

You don’t need to drill the magazine file into the wall. Get a couple on their side and put them in the corner of your desk. You’ll have a mini shelving unit without spending a fortune.

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Add Storage to Your Doors

Use adhesive stickers and place your magazine file upright on your doors. This is beneficial inside cupboards where you need help with organisation. One of the best places I’ve seen them used is in the cupboard under the sink for storing dusters, oven cleaner, and other weekly items.

In the upper kitchen cupboards, you have storage for your cling film, foil, and parchment paper. In other kitchen cupboards, you can store chopping boards and thinner items needed for baking and cooking.

They can also be good for the back of bedroom doors for any electrical equipment. We keep out electrical power cords on the desk, but not everyone has one in their home. Opt for the magazine file to make it easier to find your phone and tablet chargers! Or you can store your curling irons, hairdryer and more in one.

They can also be good for storing hair spray, deodorant, and more.

Store Toilet Paper in the Bathroom

Okay, so there are holders just for this need but you only get three or four on them if you’re lucky. With a magazine file you can store extras. And you don’t have to store them in the bathroom if you don’t want. Pop them in the cupboard under the sink or in the hallway without all the packaging getting in the way.

You’ll fit about six rolls of toilet paper in a magazine file. Just stand it up right and buy a cardboard or wooden one that fits your décor. Matching with your bathroom suite is often the easiest!

Get Toys Tidied in the Kid’s Room

How about getting a few coloured magazine files for the kids’ rooms. Label them with certain toys or items and put the smaller items out of the way. You can store them on the desk, under the bed, or in a cupboard.

We have a toy box for our needs, but magazine files tend to be cheaper alternatives and take up less space. Get the kids involved with putting their toys away, so they can earn pocket money and learn about putting away the mess they make.

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Store Craft Supplies In Sight

It’s easy to forget about your craft box when it’s tucked away. Rather than putting your craft supplies in boxes, why not use a magazine file or two.

You can store in a few ways. One option is to create the corner shelves mentioned above or you can stick them to a door where you usually do your crafts. However, you could also pop them on a desk or table just to keep everything neat and tidy but always in sight.

Home organisation tips with a magazine file

Thought magazine files were just for paperwork? Well, think again. It’s time to organise your home with a magazine file, since they’re so affordable.

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