5 Creative Ways to Store Your Craft Supplies

5 Creative Ways to Store Your Craft Supplies

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When it comes to crafting, you need supplies. These supplies take up a lot of space.

At first, I just had a draw of coloured paper, some string, and a few washed out yogurt pots. That draw soon turned into a box and eventually the box wasn’t big enough. It’s like anything: you will eventually accumulate it.

So, you need to think about ways to store your craft supplies. You want to keep them organised without taking up too much space in your home. Chances are you don’t have an office or cupboard to put it all.

There are a few inventive ways to store your craft supplies. Here’s a look at my favourite five ways for storing craft supplies no matter the size of your home.

Use Jewellery Stands to Your Advantage

Get a few second-hand jewellery stands and use them for your storage. Chain holders or bracelet holders are excellent for ribbons, washi tapes, and more. You can leave them there and roll out exactly the amount you need with ease. With some of these stands, you can pin them to the wall, keeping them away from your desk.

You can also get some small holders and tie some ribbon to create a loop for hanging. Pop in your scissors, pliers, and other items that won’t normally hang on your jewellery stand.

Get Tool Storage

Have you seen the small tool carriers? They store the likes of nails, screws, and bolts. They’re cheap and clear, making them the perfect way to store craft supplies.

You can store your smaller items in each of the compartments. I find them extremely useful for jewellery craft supplies, since it’s possible to keep clasps, stones, and hooks separate. The tool box will store in a cupboard or on a shelf, keeping everything separated no matter which way it’s placed. You also have a handle to carry it around, making it easily portable.

Opt for Spice Wracks

Kitchen items offer genius ways to store your craft supplies. Like some bracelet holders, you can nail them to the wall to keep them out of the way. There are different sections for multiple crafting needs.

Store your paper, booklets, cards, and mats in the top section (the bit that usually holds the spices). On the hooks, you can hand scissors, wrapping paper, plastic wallets of off-cuts, tubs of buttons, and more.

You may find something in the shower section instead. It could be a shower caddy for holding soap and hanging loofers.

Use a Utensil Holder

Your drawers will need some organisation. I’ve found kitchen utensil holders for the drawers an excellent way to organise everything. Even when I just need to organise a stationary drawer, they’ve been useful.

Designate a specific part of the holder for your craft supplies. Have one section for buttons, another for paper clips, and then another for your pins. You’ll be able to go into the drawer and just grab whatever you need with this craft supply storage.

Create a Ribbon Storage Box

Get an old shoe box and make your own way to store your craft supplies. This is especially good for ribbon, string, and twine—anything that would usually end up tied in knots.

Put holes into the side of your shoe box and feed the ribbon or string through the individual holes. Inside you will want to put pieces of card between the holes. This helps to avoid the string or ribbon rolls knocking into each other.

Don’t forget to decorate the craft storage. It’s easy to store on the side or in a cupboard.

Creative Ways to Store Your Craft Supplies

Store Your Craft Supplies Easily and Efficiently

With the above ways, you’ve got the perfect options for storing your crafts out of the way. They can be placed on shelves, in cupboards, or even on the walls. Not only are your crafts out of reach of children and stored off the floor, but they’re also organised. Using them will be a piece of cake, so you get to just make your crafts each time!

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