5 Places to Go for Your Craft Supplies

5 Places to Go for Your Craft Supplies

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When you need crafting and DIY craft supplies, you may start wracking your brain about where to find them. I remember the days when I would hope my local supermarket would have some stuff in the party supply department or would pay a bit extra in places like Hobby Craft.

Well, there’s no need to spend a fortune—although Hobby Craft is good if you need immediate items and common items like card, felt, and craft glue. When you want to get something special or you have time to make a bargain, then you want to try these five places to go for your craft supplies.

Start With Amazon

I find Amazon one of the best places for the majority of my craft needs. It’s cheap and simple to use and I trust the site. I know a lot of people have had bad experience with individual sellers, but I look out for those products that are offer through Amazon directly as much as possible. Amazon does have the benefit of offering a dispute section if there is a problem—and the one time that I’ve needed that it has been helpful.

There is a whole craft supplies section on the website. You can get fabric ribbon, floral arrangement supplies, and even basket weaver products.

This is where I get the majority of my jewellery making supplies.

Put Some Faith into eBay

Okay, so eBay has gone downhill in recent years, but it’s still good to go for your craft supplies in the majority of cases. This is the other place I go for my jewellery making supplies.

My trick is to opt for buyers who offer a Buy It Now option. I don’t like bidding on sites, since the majority of people will bid at the very last second and you only get a decent price if you’re willing to do the same. While I have done it sometimes, I can’t always be on the computer.

Plus I just like to know the exact amount that I’m going to pay. I refuse to pay over the odds for something just because others have overbid me.

The craft suppliers with the Buy It Now buttons usually have a professional account. They may also have an offline shop. If I’m happy with the service, I’ll check the seller’s own website to see the other products they offer.

Test Out Etsy for Some Craft Supplies

While Etsy is mainly a store for selling premade items, it can also be good for some craft supplies. Etsy is a little more upscale compared to eBay and a little more trustworthy. But you will tend to pay a little extra for that.

Do your research into the sellers, like you would with Amazon and eBay. There are some unscrupulous sellers on the site just like everywhere else.

When a seller has worked out for me, I’ve checked to see if they have their own website. Many of them are just starting out though, so if you really like the look of something then give them a chance.

Best Places to Go for Craft Supplies

Go to Paper Source for Your Paper Crafts

When it comes to paper crafts, eBay and Amazon aren’t going to be your best options. I find Hobby Craft or the local supermarket is better for those types of products. But you can also take a look at Paper Source.

You can usually get a few discounted options. There are also some specialist paper items for the more extensive paper crafts.

Make sure you check out the clearance section and look out for any coupon codes when buying on this site.

Save on Crafts at Save on Crafts

It’s time to take a trip to Save on Crafts—and the reason why is in the name. Yes, this is the place where you can find some of the cheapest options online. And there is everything from paper craft supplies to glue guns.

While there are other similar sites, this one has the benefit of a well laid out homepage. You’ll find everything that you need extremely quickly and easily. Plus, if you’re looking for recycled products or eco-friendly options, then you’re in look. There’s a section dedicated to it.

Go for Your Craft Supplies Online

This is the chance to check out all your crafting options. You can save money if you just plan ahead. I know planning ahead isn’t always easy.

I use the online sites if I want to buy in bulk or I know what I’m going to do weeks or months in advance—sometimes the case when planning things with my girls. If I want to try out a craft then I’ll go to the craft store first and see if something works and then buy online.

Where do you go for your craft supplies? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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