5 Must-Haves for ‘Star Trek’ Fans That Make Perfect ‘Star Trek’ Wedding Anniversary Gifts

5 Must-Haves for ‘Star Trek’ Fans That Make Perfect ‘Star Trek’ Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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Your wedding anniversary is coming up. While I could go through all the traditional gift ideas, I’m not going to. Really, we’re not all traditional, are we?

As part of Trekie Tuesday, I’m going to look at the geeky wedding anniversary gift ideas. Here are five must-haves for all Star Trek fans and they really do make the perfect Star Trek wedding anniversary gifts.

Captain Kirk USB Flash Drive

What’s not to love about this first anniversary gift idea? It’s Star Trek and is useful. Personally, I love gifts that are actually practical as well as thoughtful. This would definitely work out, but I do love Spock more.

Mimobot – Sulu Star Trek Edition USB Flash Drive – 8GB
Captain Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the original cast members really made the series. While I grew up with The Next Generation and Voyger on TV, I did always watch the re-runs of the original. My parents watched them regularly—they are where I got my geeky side from. William Shatner will always hold a special place in my heart as the bumbling and amusing Enterprise captain.

Why a USB drive? Well, one of these will be one of the most useful items you’ll have today. We need to keep backing up files, right? Whether you have financial documents or you work online, you need to keep everything in multiple places. Why not on a memory stick that you know is yours from a glance?

So, get this for your geeky computer-loving spouse for their anniversary.

Star Trek wedding anniversary gifts

A Star Trek Dressing Gown

There’s no denying that a dressing gown is one of the best items of clothing ever made. I would live in mine if I could.

Dressing gowns are warm, comfy, and perfect for all moods. I can curl up in them when I’m cold and don’t have to worry about someone taking blankets away from me. After the birth of my second daughter, the dressing gown became my best friend. I didn’t have to put the heating on in the house at 4am, as both me and my girl were wrapped up warm between dressing gowns and baby blankets.

These dressing gowns are Star Trek styled. They come in yellow, red, or blue with the logo on the left breast. Your partner will love receiving one of these as a guest, but do watch out for them pretending to be one of the Enterprise crew.

Your Own Earl Grey Tea Mug

This is one of those gifts that a recipient will only understand if they are a fan. Jean-Luc Picard doesn’t drink tea often, but when he does it has to be Earl Grey. And it has to be hot.

Well, that’s just what this Star Trek wedding anniversary gift makes clear. It’s a simple option that has the Star Trek symbol on it and the worlds Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. You can even avoid the symbol if you want!

CafePress – Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. – Unique Coffee Mug, 11oz Coffee Cup
I would suggest making sure your spouse is a Next Generation fan before buying this.

You can always take to Zazzle to create your own saying mug if you really want. This is something that I adore about the site because personalisation and customisation is simple.

Shop & Create on Zazzle

Star Trek: The Original Series

While I like the Star Trek reboots, I’m not the biggest fan. There is just something about the original series that you can’t beat. I actually think Hollywood and TV shows are doing too many reboots now and I want to see something new.

Star Trek: The Original Series – The Complete Series

But away from that mini rant, I do want to share one Star Trek anniversary gift ideas that I know would go down well in this house. Why not get the whole Star Trek: The Original Series collection? It’s not too expensive on Amazon, with the American site coming up at just short of $39 for the Blu-Rays. Surprisingly, the Blu-Rays is cheaper than the DVDs!

There are 25 discs in this set, so it really is the complete series. You can always finish with the original movie, too!

A Flying U.S.S. Enterprise

Okay, so there is one thing missing from this house when it comes to the Star Trek universe. We don’t have a U.S.S. Enterprise. This option goes one step further: the ship flies!

Yes, it’s a remote control Enterprise and I can tell you that this will quickly become a firm favourite in the house. The downside is the kids will want to play with it! Oh and you may lose your Star Trek fan for a while.

Air Hogs, Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701-A, Remote Control Drone with Lights and Sounds, 2.4 GHZ, 4 Channel
This U.S.S. Enterprise also has sounds that mimic the original series. If you have someone who doesn’t want to actually play with it that’s fine, but who can resist right?

If you’re looking for Star Trek wedding anniversary gifts, this is certainly your starting block. These are five gifts that all Star Trek fans have to have! Don’t you agree?

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