5 Halloween Tips for a Safe Trick or Treat

5 Halloween Tips for a Safe Trick or Treat

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It’s that time of year again. Halloween is a great time to be a kid. You get to dress up and knock on people’s door for candy. It’s the only time of year you get away with it. But you need to follow a few safety Halloween tips.

While it’s a fun time, it’s also the time of year that dangerous people are out. Being in dark costumes can make you invisible to drivers and not everyone (understandably) wants to take part. Here are my top Halloween tips for parents for a safe trick or treat.

#1. Put Together a Trick or Treat Safety Bag

There will be times you’ll walk down dark paths. Your children may run off ahead without understanding the danger. It’s easy to get kids confused with all the costumes. So, make sure you have a safety bag for your child to walk around with. This bad should contain:

  • A flashlight, with extra batteries
  • Glow sticks or reflector strips
  • Emergency contact information and identification
  • Band aids
  • Cell phone (with credit if pay as you go)
  • Bottle of water
  • A warm sweater
  • The trick or treat route

If your child is going out alone or with friends, include:

  • Spare house key
  • Notes with the meet up location and time

If your child gets lost along the way, they can get in touch with you with the cell phone. If they’ve been separated from friends, they can get back home without worrying if you’re in. Let your children know that you won’t be angry if they’ve had to use anything in the bag for safety sake. Some children will be scared to use the spare key in case they get in trouble for being lost. Your main priority is that they’re safe.

#2. Pick an Earlier Time

Go out while there’s still a little bit of light. Not only is this safer for your children, but drivers will find it easier to see your children run across the road in the street!

Trick or treating may not seem fun without the dark, but it really is. This is when the houses will have more candy, so your kids get the best selection! You also stay away from the teenagers who like to cause more of the problems on Halloween.

Halloween tips for parents

#3. Run Through All Traffic and Road Rules

Children will forget about road rules when trick or treating. One of the best things you can do as a parent is to run through all the rules of the road again. Also avoid masks. While they look fun, it’s harder for children to see if anything is coming down the road.

Then go out with them but stay a few paces back. The children feel like they’re grownups on their own, but you’re there should there be a spot of bother. Running into the road will make it harder for drivers to react, especially if the costume is dark and it’s pitch black outside!

Also stay away from the “short cuts.” They may help to cut some time off the walk, but they’re dangerous.

Stay within a group. If your children are going alone, encourage them to stay with their friends and not run off. What if the friends are going through the short cuts? Your child needs to return home.

#4. Think About Visible Costumes

A Halloween costume doesn’t need to be scary. Opt for bright, fun, and visible instead. Superheroes and villains are the in thing right now. Use that to your advantage!

If they don’t want a fun costume and really must go with something creepy and dark, work with the reflective strips. Stick them onto the back, arms, and front of the costume. Car headlights will brighten up the reflective strips, so drivers see your children. Carrying glow sticks will also help to make your children visible.

#5. Stay Outside

Don’t go inside houses that you don’t know. Friends will invite people in and that’s fine, but you don’t know what’s actually going on inside a stranger’s house. Make sure your children know that they must stay outside. If the stranger pressures them to come in for candy, it’s time to move on.

Likewise, only go to houses that you know or that are decorated. Houses that don’t have a pumpkin outside usually aren’t involved in Halloween. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s rude to insist that they join in with your view of fun.

We actually avoid most houses when trick or treating. The local mall puts on an event that every shop with a pumpkin sticker in the window will give out candy to the kids. It’s a safe space indoors that gives kids plenty of candy. The kids and parents both love it!

Are you ready for a safe Halloween? Follow the above safety Halloween tips and you’ll be well on your way for some fun.

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