5 Great Anniversary Gift Ideas for the Comic Book Fan in Your Life

5 Great Anniversary Gift Ideas for the Comic Book Fan in Your Life

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Do you have a comic book loving spouse? Whether they like the original comics or enjoy the updated adaptations, you’ll want to find anniversary gift ideas that suit their interests. Just what can you buy them?

There are actually so many ideas out there. Some are jokey type gifts, while others are more serious and for those with plenty of money to burn. We want to give you a range of ideas. These five gifts are in order of price (from lowest to highest) to help you find comic book fan anniversary gifts for your budget.

Comic Book Character USB Drives

Everyone will need a USB drive or two now. Whether your spouse works at home, is studying, or is a stay at home parent, there are files that need to be kept safe. Plus your spouse may have some personal photos or that secret novel they’re working on that they want to store out of the way of prying eyes.

It’s time to get your spouse their very own comic book character USB drive. This makes ones of the best anniversary gift ideas because it’s practical and fun at the same time. There are so many characters to choose from.

There are different styles of USB drives. One has a top that comes away from the head, so they have an oval-shaped head. These look strange to me but some people like them, and the USB is within the main body and head of the superhero (or villain in some cases). The ones I prefer look more like mini characters, since the head houses the USB drive and pulls completely off the body.

There’s a selection of options below just to get you started.

Get Comic Character Egg Cups and Solider Cutters

How about an anniversary gift for fun? After all, gifts don’t always need to be practical. They’re designed to put a smile on someone’s face, right? Comic book egg cups and solider cutters are perfect for adults who adore superheroes and villains. Okay, they’re great for kids too!

DC Comics Batman Egg Cup and Toast Cutter
The egg cups will usually be the top and bottom of the character and open up. You put the egg in the bottom and use the head to cover the egg and keep it warm. The cutters are excellent for bread to dip in the shape of superhero symbols and items to dip into the runny eggs.

Nothing says breakfast in bed as good as superhero and supervillain decorated eggs!

Their Favourite Comic Figurine

Of course, one of the quickest and easiest anniversary gifts is going to be comic figurines. There are just so many to choose between. The cheapest on the market is the POP! franchise, and we all adore them in this house. We have a collection from all types of comics and TV shows, with both adults and children having our own selections.

However, you don’t have to opt for POP! figures. There are cinematic versions of the characters, since there are now so many DC and Marvel movies and TV shows out.

Just type in “comic figures” or something similar in Amazon and you’ll find a wide range of options. Of course, the more detail and heavier items you get, the more they will cost. This really does depend on your budget.

Anniversary gift ideas for comic book lovers

Opt for a Geeky Subscription Box

You just can’t go wrong with a subscription box. We’re massive fans of Loot Crate in this house, and honestly believe that this is the best option out of all geeky subscription boxes out there. However, we’ve had Geek Fuel in the past and can safely recommend that one. There are a few other options out there, but we haven’t tried them out.

One thing that we love about Loot Crate subscription boxes is that you can buy them as one-offs if you’d like. This works great for anniversary gifts, since you may not want to get a full year’s subscription. Your spouse may not even enjoy the items in them!

They are mystery boxes, which is the downside. But you will get to find out the theme, which will give you an idea of what to expect. My husband bought me October 2016’s for our anniversary, knowing that it would likely have items from some of my favourite horror movies (oh and it’s been one of the best ever).

Get Comic-Inspired Phone and Tablet Cases

Many of us now have at least a smartphone, if not a tablet too. Whether you get the latest iPhone or you just want a Kindle, you need to keep it protected. This is where cases come into play.

One of the greatest things about cases is that you get to show off your personality and style. There is something for everyone, and that includes comic book fans. Why not get something like a Captain America-inspired iPhone case or a tablet cover with the Batman logo on?

iPhone 6s Case, GMYLE Snap Cover Coated for iPhone 6s – Captain US Image Slim Fit Snap On Protective Hard Shell Back Case
You’ll need to watch out where you buy from. The problem with some of these companies is that they get a lot of copycat scammers. Do your research or spend a little extra buying from somewhere reputable like Amazon.

You’re usually looking at between $20 and $50 for phone and tablet cases. There are some option son Amazon for much less, but we recommend doing your research and making sure they’re legit (oh and checking the shipping costs).

Get Your Comic Book Anniversary Gift Ideas Today!

There’s no time like the present to get your anniversary gifts organised. This is a date you know will come around every year and you can plan in advance for it. Make sure you have the items ready to wrap and give, showing your comic book lover just how much they mean to you.

If you’re still stuck for choice, we have a few DC and Marvel gift ideas from Christmas that may help. You can find them here and here.

What will you buy this year? Do any of these comic book-inspired anniversary gift ideas strike your fancy?

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