5 Disney Princess Decoration Ideas: Make Your Own or Buy Premade

5 Disney Princess Decoration Ideas: Make Your Own or Buy Premade

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Does your child want a Disney Princess birthday party? Maybe you want to make your wedding Disney princess focused—I know a couple who would love that! Disney Princess decorations are a necessity.

But you don’t want to spend a fortune. Whether you plan to make your own or buy premade, you want to keep the cost down and you need some inspiration for Disney Princess decoration ideas. Here are Cheeky Monkey Gifts we have five ideas that you can run with in no time.

Start With a Disney Princess Backdrop

The kids at a Disney Princess birthday party will love to feel like they’re part of the group. They want to be a princess too or want to be a part of the court of Cinderella or Aurora.

Well, that’s where the Disney Princess backdrop comes into play. You just need a wall that is large enough for it and you can set up a camera to take photos during the party. If you hire a Disney Princess actress, arrange for some fun photos with them in front of the backdrop.

Disney Princess Photo Kit, Backdrop and Props, Party Supplies

This one from Amazon is affordable and easy to use. It’s bright and colourful, putting the emphasis on the main Disney Princesses, like Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora. There is also Rapunzel and Tatiana in there. The only one that’s really missing is either Anna or Elsa (or both).

You can finish off the backdrop with some curtains to go either side. The curtains actually pull in front of the backdrop, making it a surprise for the birthday guests.

Disney Princess Royal Event Door Curtain

Include Some Photo Booth Props

These aren’t technically Disney Princess decorations, but they can be used in that way. If you are going to have a photo booth, you may want to get an extra packet for that use though.

The props can be placed on the walls around the venue. They also make useful table centrepieces. Label each table with the princess name and just use the hair of each princess as the way to mark the table.

While the props from Amazon are cheap, they have their limitations. They don’t have one of my favourites: Aurora. Rapunzel is included in the packaging but there’s nothing of hers within the 8 piece prop set.

Make Your Own Disney Princess Decoration Ideas

For a 1st birthday party, you may want to include a banner with a timeline of photos from the first year. You can turn this into a Disney Princess timeline through the use of the princess’ faces.

Print off your baby photos as normal and back with the colours of the Disney princesses. Pop the princess for the colour in the top corner and then include the crown or item that represents them with the month number at the bottom.

So, you’d have a blue background with Cinderella’s head and silver crown (or even the glass slipper) with the number. Belle would have a yellow background and Snow White could have a yellow and blue background. Aurora would have pink and Ariel is a sea green. Don’t forget about a pinky purple for Anna, light green for Tatiana, and forest green for Merida.

Not all of the princesses have crowns. Most people will think of a bow and arrow when it comes to Merida and a snow flake for Elsa. Work with the princesses to create a beautiful personlised banner.

What about when it’s not a 1st birthday? You can make DIY Disney princess decorations in a similar way. Print out ‘Happy Birthday’ or the name of the child instead.

If it’s a wedding, you can put together a collage of photos from the years that you’ve been together. The list of ideas is endless to make this one of the five Disney Princess decoration ideas unique for your needs.

If you want to cheat, you can add these handing decorations from the corners of your letters and pictures. They’re okay but I’d prefer to put some extra creativity.

36″ Hanging Disney Princess Decorations, 3ct

Pop Jars of Fairy Dust in the Middle of Tables

Table decorations don’t have to be overly fancy or tricky to make. Nor do you need to have Disney princess heads everywhere! Tinkerbell is sometimes considered a princess for the sake of marketing. Even though she’s not, you can include some fairy dust in the middle of tables. After all, the Disney princesses do have their fairy Godmothers who have a bit of fairy dust.

All you need is enough mason jars for the number of tables you have. Fill them half way with some gold and silver glitter. You could also use some sequins or diamantes in the mix if you want.

Screw on the jar top and tie a bow around the top. Think about the colours for the Disney princesses for the table. Then just stick a label with “fairy dust” written on it. If you don’t want to make it obvious what it is, you can leave off the label.

The kids will love it at the Disney Princess party. You’ll have a few wanting to take it home with them!

This works well for Disney wedding decorations. It’s simple to make and looks eloquent and subtle for the theme.

Create Disney Table Numbers

This will be trickier to make or you’ll need to find someone to outsource the job to. I have seen people create woodwork at a low amount, so there are options for all budgets.

Get the numbers crafted in wood, so they are large enough to be seen in the middle of the tables. Each number will represent a different Disney princess. You can then add other elements that connect to the Disney princess, such as the wilting rose for Belle and the apple for Snow White.

This will definitely work for your Disney wedding theme.

There you have it: 5 Disney Princess decoration ideas. Some of them you can do yourself and others are just quick items to buy online. Make your party as extravagant and Disney inspired as you want. Have fun with it and let the worlds come alive.

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