5 Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts for Cash-Strapped Kids

5 Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts for Cash-Strapped Kids

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Are you trying to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift on a budget? Well, you’re not the only one. There are thousands of kids looking for cheap Mother’s Day gifts that look thoughtful and are valuable.

We know how hard it can be to afford gifts. You don’t want to do the typical flowers or chocolates. You want to show that you’ve put thought into it.

Well, here are some cheap ideas that don’t come across tacky. There’s something for all types of mums for kids to show they care.

cheap Mother's Day gifts

Do Breakfast in Bed

Who said that a gift has to be something to wrap up and give on the day? How about you show how much you care by making breakfast in bed. As a mum I can tell you that this goes down extremely well. And it can be something as simple as cereal and a cup of tea!

This cheap Mother’s Day gift shows that you appreciate the things that your mum does. She runs after you, cooks you breakfast, packs your lunch, and is there for every game. Well, if she isn’t now because you’re older, she did all that when you were younger. And if something happened to you tomorrow, she would do all these things again for you in an instant. You will always be her baby.

So, keep the gifting simple. Try out some simple pancake recipes or put together a fry up. You can always make a card or get a cheap one from Zazzle to make it clear that you remember it’s Mother’s Day.

Create a Personalised Mug

Zazzle is my favourite place to go when it comes to gifts. They’re affordable, good quality, and cheap. And of course, mugs are always practical. You can tie this gift in with breakfast in bed – yes, I’m suggesting two gifts.

This mug allows you to put two or three photos on it. If you opt for the two, there’s a space for a special message. Why not put on a private joke between the two of you on there or a line from a TV show you both watch together? You could even put a word that means everything to you – make it as personal as you want.



There is so much inspiration already on the site – and many other mug designs too!

This is my favourite design because it allows for the two photos. My sister and I tend to chip in together for presents at Mother’s Day, so this would allow both of us to have a photo with us with our mum or something similar.

The mug is slightly over the £10 mark that I usually search for when it comes to cheap Mother’s Day gifts, but it really is worth it.

Buy a Memory Journal

This is one of those Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can get online or in your local book or craft store. Search for the ones that are most in your budget and appeal to your mum’s style – yes, work to your mum’s style and not to your own! This is hers remember.

Memory journals make the perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas for writers, diary fans, and scrapbookers. Your mum doesn’t have to write, and can put drawings or pictures in instead. It’s a memory book!

Mom’s Five-Second Memory Journal: A Memento of Motherhood
All mum’s are time-strapped. We feel like we don’t have five seconds for ourselves, and this is what’s great about this particular memory journal. There are prompted sections to keep the thinking and writer’s block at bay. Your mum will love it when she has her last cup of tea on a night!

There isn’t a chronological setting to this book and no need to write a date to make it chronological. Your mum can pick it up whenever she has something that she wants to share with her new diary.

It’s under £10, even when you add in the postage from America! You may be able to find it on the UK site, too.

A Selection of Bubble Baths

I know I’ve just said that mums don’t get much time to themselves. Well, sometimes they need it –and your mum deserves it. Show her that you care by getting a selection of bubble baths. They don’t have to be big and there are plenty of gift sets out there.

Don’t just run into your local Body Shop and buy the first one you find! Look at the different scents and consider what your mum would like the most.

The benefit of bubble bath sets is that they are always on the cheap somewhere. Whether you look online or in store you’ll find something that works for your mum.

Buy a Superhero Charm Bracelet

Okay, so this one is a little more than the £10 again, especially when you include shipping, but I’m putting it here for a reason. And it’s still technically a cheap Mother’s Day gift idea.

Not all mums like long soaks in the bath or want to jot down their memories. Some are geeks and they want to be able to show that off. Well, when it comes to Mother’s Day this year, why not help your mum show that off?

Marvel Comics The AVENGERS (11 Themed Charms) Metal/Enamel Charm Bracelet w/Gift Box By Athena
This superhero charm bracelet is perfect for it. It’s an Avengers one, which I adore – since there’s no combination of multiple superhero universes! There are 11 charms on it, including Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, and the Avengers symbol.

The reviews are excellent for the charm, as it’s just as the picture shows. There’s even a picture of someone’s bought one in the customer review section so you can see for yourself.

That’s 5 cheap Mother’s Day gifts for all interests and preferences. Personally, the 5-second journal would be perfect for me but I do have a love for geeky culture. What will you buy your mum this year to show you care?

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