150th Canada Day Memory Ideas: Make Your Canada Day 2017 Special

150th Canada Day Memory Ideas: Make Your Canada Day 2017 Special

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It’s the 150th birthday of Canada this year. Canada Day 2017 is in just two days, but there is still plenty of time to get your memory ideas in place. Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate and memorialize the day in style.

Opt for the Celebration Clothing

Of course, we can’t overlook the celebratory clothing. There are lots of items out there to celebrate the 150th birthday, from T-shirts and hoodies to baby vests and tea towels. Get something that will mean something to you.

We’re sharing a range of ideas below to help just give you a few ideas. With Amazon Prime, you will be able to get free shipping in a shorter time, helping you to get your clothing in time for July 1.

Put Together a Scrap Book

There will be posters, photos, drawings, and more from the 150th birthday of Canada. Why not put everything together in a scrap book? You could even draw your own memories if you have the skill.

The best thing about scrapbooks is you can create them after the event. Just gather all the items together and store them in a box or bag somewhere. We also love the pressed maple leaves to stick into the books, even creating a beautiful and patriotic front cover.

Get a Few 150th Anniversary Cards

If you’re not one for posters and photos, why not get your 150th anniversary cards at the ready? You can make a beautiful collage out of them to hang on the wall. Get a dark frame to hang somewhere in your home.

Don’t just put the cards in a block. Create a picture from them, such as a maple leaf, a moose, or even the CN Tower. Get extra creative with this easy 150th Canada Day memory item.

Print Out a Word Collage

Put the names of various places in Canada into a word collage. Shape the words so they create the whole of Canada on a map. Yes, this will be trickier, but there is software out there that can help you do it.

You can make this as big or small as you like. Once you have the design, use it on photos, cushions, and even mugs.


150th Canada Day Memory IdeasThe Roots and Tree Mugs

If you’re not originally from Canada or you’ve moved elsewhere but had roots in the country, look for the roots and tree mugs (you can also get these on towels and t-shirts). The roots are of one flag and the tree is of another, making it clear where you’re from but where you live now.

This is one of the perfect options for our family. We emigrated from the UK to Canada last year, and this is our second Canada Day celebration.

If you don’t want the trees, you can opt for mixing two flags of your nations together. Zazzle has a range of options, including this American/Canada flag mug.


Make your 150th Canada Day celebrations memorable. Take plenty of photos and look for ways to store them at a later date.

What are you doing to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday? Share in the comments below.

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