Marvel Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Marvel Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

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I have to admit that while I’m a DC fan for some of the TV shows, I’m a bigger Marvel fan. I love Captain America and Thor (and not just because of Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth).

If someone got me a Marvel Christmas gift instead of a DC one, I definitely wouldn’t complain. And it wouldn’t have to be girly. In fact, my daughter wants a Captain America pop doll and I’m perfectly happy for her to have it. I want the Thor one.

With that look into my personality, I found a few Marvel Christmas gift ideas for the Marvel fans in your life. Some are action figures, some are clothing, and we can’t forget about the movies!

Marvel Pop Dolls Are Everywhere

Let’s start with my favorite collection items. Pop dolls are immensely popular around the world. We’re actually missing most of the Marvel collection—only Spiderman because that is the one that our eldest daughter asked for when she had a bit of money to spend. We have plenty of Supernatural and DC Comic ones though.

Whether you love Deadpool, Captain America, Black Widow, or the Hulk, there is a Pop doll for you! Here’s a look at a small section of the collection to help you get started with your Marvel Christmas gift ideas.

Look Out for Marvel Clothing

Yes, clothing is a popular option when it comes to gifts. There are just so many options available, for men, women, and kids.

My husband always prefers something that isn’t clearly part of a comic or movie franchise. That’s pulled me to this hoodie. Okay, so it’s for women but there are men’s options on Amazon and elsewhere on the net. The bright red with the black face and white eyes looking through is clearly Deadpool for Marvel fans. Those who don’t really know about this sort-of-superhero wouldn’t really get the face and the connection.

One of the benefits of the hoodie is that it zips up the front. I’m not a big fan of hoodies that go over the head. Hair is pulled and messed up and there’s a feeling of things being close to the neck. The zip makes it very easy to put the hoodie on and pull it off.

It’s also an officially licensed product, suggesting that it will be a higher quality. There’s less risk of the company not sending out the product once you’ve paid for it.

Marvel Deadpool Grunge Womens Hoodie (Small)
If you want other clothing ideas, there are plenty available right now.

Don’t Forget About the DVDs

While DC seems to have the TV shows perfected, Marvel has the movie franchise. Maybe it’s having Joss Whedon on their side. Either way, the Marvel movies are certainly superior, whether you’re watching Thor, The Avengers, or even Guardians of the Galaxy.

The movies are usually in Amazon’s Black Friday event, which is the perfect time to look for your Marvel Christmas gift ideas. That’s when I usually pick up items for Christmas gifts.

Get Your Marvel Christmas Gifts Soon

You won’t have long left now to get the gifts delivered to your door. It seems like there are months until Christmas, but the time will fly by. Trust me, the last four months have completely flown by for us! I don’t even know where July and August disappeared and can just about remember September!

Now’s your time to get your Marvel Christmas gifts. There are just so many ideas and options for the whole family.

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