5 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Under £10

5 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Under £10

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Despite multiple 1st birthday party ideas, it is possible that you’re still struggling to keep your costs down to a minimum. You want to keep your party ideas under £10, right? Well, you can do it.

And it’s never just about the decorations. There’s the cake, the presents, and so much more. So, I’m going to share five 1st birthday party ideas for under £10.

party ideas for the 1st birthday under £10

Throw the Party at Home

Let’s start with throwing your party for your little one. It’s tempting to have a major get-together with family and friends. You want to invite the children that your one-year-old sees on a daily basis.

The best way to keep your costs down is by minimising your guest list and throwing your party at home. All you have to do is get the food!

I know that this can mean your party overruns, but you can still set a time limit. Make it clear on the invites how long the party will be and make sure you do the cake 30 minutes before. People will start winding down and leaving soon after that.

Throwing the party at home helps to avoid the cost of hiring out a hall. I don’t think a venue is really needed for a one-year-old. This is more of a celebration for the parents and your little one just isn’t going to have an idea what you did for the party, until they look back at photos. So, keep the guests to a minimum and just throw a small gathering to celebrate this milestone at home.

Make Your Own Decorations

DIY 1st birthday party decorations are the best way to keep the cost down. You get to control the amount that you buy and can make far more than you would buy for your money. There’s also more control over the personalisation of the decorations.

I shared five ideas to get you started on Monday, but there are so many other things that you can do. I do find that personalising through photos is one of the easiest things that you can do. After all, the day is all about your one-year-old right?

Personalising through photos works for the first year. People want to see how your baby has gone from birth to being a happy-go-lucky toddler (or almost toddler). After the first year, your baby will develop more likes and dislikes and you can create fun birthday themes that way.

Use Zazzle for Your Birthday Invitations

I love Zazzle. There are so many ways to personalise mugs, t-shirts and so much more. More importantly, there are low cost invitations that you can personalise and even create from scratch!

The cost of one invitation is less than £2, so I guess the total amount could go over the £10 mark for your group of 1st birthday invitations, but they are so worth it. I’ll share some of my favourite 1st birthday invitations (and invitations for other needs) in the future, but right now I just want to share the benefits of Zazzle invitations.

You get complete control over the customisation. The card is high quality without the exceptionally high cost. You can also print off just one if you want to scan it in and email to your friends and family members to send to your friends. If there isn’t a pre-made design that catches your eye, you can completely customise a 1st birthday party invitation yourself.

There are a lot of ideas that involve a photo of your little one, but you really don’t need to use. Some of my favourite personalised options are those that use wording, poems, and other creative methods. This is one of my favourite invitations!



Don’t Forget about Zazzle for Your Birthday Cards

There are lots of birthday cards on the market but I tend to find them quite cheesy and boring. I want something beautiful and personalised, especially when it comes to the 1st birthday.

The downside to personalising anything is the cost. Because of the work that goes into creating something unique that can’t be used again, people rightfully charge so much more.

Well, that’s not the case with Zazzle. The basic designs can be used again, so the personalisation isn’t that limiting. That means you can buy an item for very little money and definitely under £10!

You can even sell your design on Zazzle afterwards if you really want. This will help to recoup the money spent on the items.

The cards are a little more than the invitations. They are still under £3 in the majority of cases, and you aren’t going to need as many. If you have twins, this is a really cute card to get.



Make Your Own Cupcakes

Forget the 1st birthday cakes. Okay, so we got a 1st birthday cake for our little one that she could put her hands in and get messy. That was her present from her big sister, who chose a Frozen cake. It ended up being under £10 anyway!

But when it comes to making a cake for everyone coming to a party, opt for cupcakes instead. And try to bake your own. The benefit of cupcakes is that they’re smaller portions. You can make just enough for all your guests and decorate them with a bit of icing. They’re easy to eat and create minimal mess.

Do watch out for allergies. I’ve made a mistake of using marzipan for guests who were allergic to nuts—I knew about the allergy but didn’t realise that marzipan had nuts in it! Do watch out for little things like that.

It’s really not that difficult to keep your 1st birthday party ideas under £10. These are just five tips right now to get you started. I’ll share many more in the weeks and months to come!

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